Mark Levinson CD Players.

I use ML 37/36s.Is the new ML 390s better than the 37/36s ?
Has anyone compared the 390s to any combination of 31.5 / 31 with 30.5 / 30.6 /360s ? How does it compare ?
(I use the Madrigal MBC 1 AES/EBU dig cable. )
Any opinions would be appreciated.
I had the Wadia 270/27ix combo. Sold it. To me, the 390S sounds better. Money doesn't always get you closer to the music.


Paul :-)
You might consider getting an ML 360 or 360S to replace
your 36S. The 360-series uses newer topology and is
reputedly better than the 36/36S. I have a 37/360 combo
and think it sounds excellent. I previously had a Wadia
2000 DAC which was very nice but I like my current setup
Now that is a very valid point !
The 31.5 transport will easily outperform the #37.
The 360s DAC and either the 31.5 or the 37 outperformed the #39. I've not listened to a 390s, but I've a friend in the business who does and has compared all combos and ranks them this way:
31.5 and 30.6 DAC
31.5 and 360s DAC
37 and 360s
Thought this might help!