Mark Levinson 326s vs 320s

Has anyone done a side by side comparison of these 2 fine units as line stages? Please share your opinions. Happy New Year !!

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I did and bought the No326s. Much more separation between instruments, more detail without sounding bright in any way. Biggest difference though to me was the size of the sound stage. More stuff going on outside my speakers and if recorded this way much more 3 dimensional.  The grip on the bottom end seemed better but I couldn't swear to it. Mine is paired to a pair of McIntosh MC601's and couldn't be happier. Compared it to the c2500 as well and didn't take long to realize the No326s was far better sounding to me even than McIntosh's own pre with the MC601's. Good luck with your decision ... They are both great and depending on the rest of the system you could make an equally valid but different choice! Good Luck!!
I’ve owned both of these. I was a little shocked at the difference. It is not subtly different. It is dramatically different sound. To my ear, they both produced a great soundstage, but the 326s brought out a lot more detail and had a better high end.