Marantz sr5006 vs Yamaha RX-A810

Anyone know or heard-anything about how these units SOUND? I have Thiel 3.5's and was going to pre-out to them via a NAD 2700(150wpc). Working with a dealer who can get me either for $649, but the Yami has a 3-week leadtime. I'm guessing that for the price, they're probably going to sound about the same. Any direction would be appreciated.
Just comparing the two brands, I'd go with Marantz hands down. Yamaha went full mass market and at least Marantz is still considered mid to high end. Just my opinion. The Marantz SR5006 was my first A-V receiver and liked it a lot.
Oops, sorry I meant to state that the Marantz SR5600 was my first AVR not the currently offered SR5006.