Marantz SA14 or used CD player?

Anyone have any experience with the Marantz SA14? I'm in the market for a CD player and not sure if I should go for a SACD player or used CD player/transport/dac. I'm looking to stay under 7K.
If you want SACD and CD in one unit the Marantz SA-1 is a really really good unit and sells for about 3700.00 on audiogon used but in perfect shape. It used to be one of the best single box players on the market for red book but now the new upsampling highend players are coming out. If you do not want SACD I would get the Audiomecca Mephisto II which is about 5900 new and is the best of the new upsampling redbook only players. Lastly Audio aero is coming out with a new 8k sacd player that should be the best sacd/redbook player out there. All three of these options are great. For the money i would go with the Marantz but cost no object id wait for the new audio aero. Hope this is helpful....
I second that. The Marantz SA-1 is a wonderful CD player in every aspect. Great sound in both formats CD/SACD. Beautifully build quality, like a tank and definitely worth every penny. I sold my two piece Levinson digital setup after I bought the Marantz SA-1. I bought one brand new several months ago for $5K with tax. I don't think Marantz SA-1 is available any more. So if you can finds one mint but preowned like Lordgorian said for $3700. You have yourself a great player.
Get the SA14, buy a really good AC cord and break it in for 1 month. You'll have a great player. I did side by side comparison with SA-1, and truely, the $3K difference is not that much.