Marantz SA11S2 vs. SA7S1

Several threads have commented how good the SA11S2 is, given its transport and laser the same as the SA7S1.

Can anyone comment on the other similarities (or differences) such as analog output, PCM DAC's, etc?

Is it the case that the SA11S2 is actually now a better buy (bang for the buck) than the SA7S1?

BTW, I am a SA11S1 owner thinking about upgrading.

Well if it is has the Level 2 Mod, from Underwood mods.
It will sound better than the SA7S1, and any other
player in the $10k range.

In fact, it is the Best sound I have EVER heard, short of
the ambiance of "being there".

HEARING is Truly an EYE and EAR, opening experience.

The worst recordings even sound like a SACD played on
a analog Master Tape Machine.

My Last Player Period.

Call Walter at Underwood Mods.

Tell him, Mr. Broadway recommended you to call.

"Love Your Music!"