Marantz SA-12 I am scared...

I am looking at the REGA Jupiter. An exellent player for the money. Then a friend informed me he is ridding himself of his marantz SA-12 player. He offered it to me for $1000, a deal, I know, but Does it make a good straight CD player? AT least as good as the Jupiter? I am currently running a cambridge audio D-500SE, Is it better than that? I can't hear the blasted thing because it's over 400 miles away from me. Or is it just a good 2 channel SACD player? I am in agony here, you all know how it feels, we all have the audio sickness. Thanks for all your help, people, it is well appreciated.
My system consists of
Audioresearch LS 8 MK2,
Marsh Sound design a 400s
JM Labs Electra 926's,
All MIT shotgun Interconnects and Speaker interface.
Thanks and take care
Mike Z
I would instantly snag it and check it out at that price. If you don't like it, you can always at least double your money : ) Sean
I will buy it for that if you don't.
Mikez, I know of the SA-12S1 and the SA-14. I assume you mean the SA-12S1. With that in mind, I offer the following: I tested the SA-14 for almost 2 wks at home vs. the Meridian 588 & Sony SCD-777ES about 9mos ago (vs. the Wadia 861, a Cary, and others in the store - associated components VTL 450s, Martin Logan SL3s). It was a tough choice but I ended up with the Sony. Since then I have heard the Marantz several times and wonder if I made the right choice. The Marantz was supremely clear/analytical but a bit forward without having been broken in. I have heard the SA-12S1 multichannel SACD player at a dealer and it made beautiful music on 2-channel redbook - very transparent and musical. Marantz uses top-end parts in its gain stage and it shows. For the money it can be bought for new, I think both it (either SA14 or SA12S1) and the Sony are a steal. For the price you mention, it cannot be beat for redbook and to top that, you get SACD capability. The Marantz in SACD beats almost all redbook I've heard hands down (I say "almost" b/c my friend had a CD12 at his disposal for a week and it was magical). Don't hesitate.