Marantz pm8006 vs Denon PMA-1700NE for combined home theatre and music room

Hi everyone,

I am looking at how I can combine stereo and surround sound in one AV system so I can switch between music and movies.

I have a Denon x3800h driving a 5.1.4 Atmos setup. I also have another room with some ceiling speakers that I want to drive from this room and will be used only for music.

I was thinking of using the x3800h for my Center Speaker, Surrounds and 4 Height Speakers. I was then thinking of running the fronts via pre-out to another amplifier which has a main-in/HT-bypass to drive the fronts whilst watching movies. If connected via a main-in, it converts the stereo amplifier into a power amp only with the Denon x3800 having full control over volume etc...

When listening to music, I have a Wiim Pro that would connect either direct to the stereo amplifier or via an outboard DAC and drive the fronts and/or a second zone in the other room.

Based on the above requirements I was looking for a stereo amplifier with both a main-in/HT-bypass and supports 2 speakers zones.

Via this very useful site, I have narrowed my options down to The Marantz PM8006 and the Denon PMA-1700NE. 

Does anyone have an opinion on which would be best to provide good sound to my fronts for home theatre as well as good sound for music?



@cainullah I have not experienced the 8300A but I have listened to 2 examples of Audiolab 6000a based systems and the SQ from the Audiolabs was outstanding; the Audiolab sound and quality of amplification in their units is top notch. I don’t want to get my head bit off again and not "asking" you to purchase anything but I would suggest you seriously consider this. You are feeding a $5,000.00+ speaker system with a $1,700 avr from where I sit that is a somewhat unbalanced. Those Fyne’s you have really deserve better amplification than the Denon avr you currently have and the add on you are considering is a FAR superior peice of kit to what you are supplementing it to, thats just the truth. Just Take a step back and really reconsider what you are trying to achieve. I’ve been exactly where you are now. If you bring in the Audiolab 8300a you’ll hear for yourself how lopsided the amplification/ SQ is compared to the Denon and likely sell it to balance things out. The Audiolab’s are that fanastic sounding. Last thought; if you are considering spending what the Audiolab 8300a cost consider a used Parasound Hint 6 approx same cost (if patient) it is way superior to the Audiolab 8300a in every way again you’ll likely sell the Denon after experiencing either scenario because you cannot unhear it, both are that much better than what you have now and those Fynes really deserve better juice. Just a different perspective to consider...I hope this helps.

Beware, the rabbit hole is deep!

Good luck!

Reigniting a bit of an old thread. I think I am going to take @soix's advice and go with the Yamaha a-s1200. However, I have also noticed that NAD have the C 3050 coming out this month:

The Limited Edition version came out last year. Has anyone experienced the NAD? Would it compare favourably to the Yamaha? The NAD comes in at about £500 cheaper than the Yamaha in the UK.

Again, I'd want this to work for driving the fronts in a HT setup (with Denon x3800 driving the centre, surrounds, heights and sub) as well as providing stereo when playing music.