Marantz CDR500,.. up to the task?

I'm looking at the Marantz CDR500 for a recording project that will require the unit to record about 250 copies of the same disk. Has anyone got an oppinion on the quality of the recording, and do you feel this unit is going to be trouble free? It says its professional quality and I assume that 250 copies are not a big deal, but I would like to hear what people think of doing a job on this level of a product. Its important to note that sound quality is very important as well.

Thanks for the feedback!
I've had one of these for some months now, and I'm quite pleased with the purchase. It is a sturdy unit, surely up to the task you describe. The sound quality of the copies is excellent to my ear, whether digital to digital or analog to digital. Good luck in your search.
I'm also looking at this product, to use for home recording and as a CD transport to feed my Theta DSPro Basic IIIA DAC. I understand that the single-well version, the CDR631, has a better A-to-D converter for recording LP's. I haven't been able to demo these, so any knowledge or experience with the units would be appreciated. As for the duplicating project mentioned above, I would imagine this unit could do the job as well as any such product short of a real multi-drive duplicator. A studio owner did comment to me recently that his experience with heavy use of players from this brand seemed to result in earlier or more frequent failures than Sony or HHB, for what that's worth (he didn't like Fostex, either). The feature set on the Marantz seems most attractive to me, however.
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