marantz cd 94

I have a marantz cd 94 which I have been told was a special unit at the time .I have been using it sparingly through middle of the road ht type system .I intend to use in a dedicated stereo set up with a cayin 88t paired to usher be 718 which after extensive listening seemed to reproduce the imaging depth realism I craved for The system was listened in store with a Cayin cdt17a cd player.
Is the marantz good enough to perservere with ?
If i decide to replace is the Cayin Cdt17a the one to go for?
If the Marantz is to go what would it be worth ?
The Marantz cd 94 is like driving a 57 Chevy. Great for around town but not for a long trip. Nostalgic and fun, but doesn't have the up to date features.
I would look into the:
Marantz SA8003
Cambridge 740C
Sony SCD-XA5400es
These models should take you on that long roadtrip you're looking for.
go with the cayin. I have the 88t also, sounds great.