Magnum Dynalab Advice please

I have an Etude with an upgraded board(MD100)which I assume is about the same as the Etude. My question is that when I detune any station to the right the meter changes to 1 khz but when I detune my tuner to the left it changes by 1khz before the needle reaches the first graduation. As well I notice I may recieve a station when the meter is tuned over to two graduations on the meter to the right but to the left it loses signal and reception just after the first graduation(100khz0TO THE LEFT. Could this be a reception thing or do I need my tuner looked at. iIt is the same with all stations.
I should mention that I got my tuner from Magnum Dynalab directly and it was a rebuild but they used new parts even the Etude casing was new or appears new. The tuner sounds good but I am wondering if it needs to be aligned or is this normal behavior for an Etude. When I stated that the meter changes to 100khz at the first graduation to the right on the meter but changes by 100 khz before the first grauation to the left on the meter.
Either the tuner is off or the meter is off. I'm wondering if I should keep the needle centered on the tuning meter?
First thing to check is whether the meter reads dead center when the tuner is completely unpowered. If not, the meter is defective. Next, the detector transformer sounds like it is way off. For lack of test equipment, if the meter does not still read dead center with no antenna connected at a no-station point on the dial, the slug on the top can of the detector transformer needs to be adjusted until it does. There are two silver cans near the front of the circuit board. The one on the left is the detector transformer. If you do not have a tuning tool, a small 1.2mm screw driver for fixing glasses will do, except the metal will slightly affect the tuning, so compensate. Also, you will see a control on the left side of the circuit board maked "Center." This is an adjustment for the mute. With the mute switch on, set the control so the tuner unmutes. This control may have to be adjusted after you touch up the detector. Also, make sure all three IF filters are firmly in there little three-pin sockets.
Don Scott
The meter is dead on center with the power disconnected but with no antenae and off station the meter reads exactly the difference i noticed in that it is to the right by about 1/3 grduation on the meter. Should I tune the station in at the 1/3 off to the right or should I tune the meter dead center? Please advise on how to fix if necessary if possible. Your earlier explanation was unclear to me. Thanks for your help,
Thanks Don,
My tuner is sounding great and everything is in it's place.
Thanks again,
Can you translate these instructions to apply to a Marantz 4300, since I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Thanks