Magnepans in Home Theatre

I currently have a two channel systems using Maggie 3.6R's and atma-sphere MA1 MkII. I want to expand to home theatre, but am having trouble getting a matching center channel, rear speakers and associated amps. The Maggie center is just not as good, esp in the lower midrange. Any recommendations?
I own the MGCC1, (ctr ch), and agree. I've heard lots of people are using the Maggie MMG for ctr ch and is much better than MGCC1. I own 1.6's lf/rt mains and 1.4's for rear surrounds. The MMG's are sold fatory direct. Check out their website. Also I think the MMG would make good rears. As far as amp goes, I have a EAD Powermaster 2000 on order. Which was recommended by my dealer, instead of the Bryston 4B ST and 5B ST. The sub I am using is a Monitor Audio ASW 210 which is a great match for the Maggies for it's speed, tightness, and detail. Really love that sub and the price is right. Please feel free to email direct to discuss further. Mark R. [email protected]
Thanks for the advice Mark. I might try the MMG since I can get it on a trial basis. They may also work as a good set of rear speakers. I was also looking at a company called Aura. They make speakers with cone drivers and ribbon tweeters ( that are similar in tonal quality to the Magnepans.