Magnepan upgrade from Stereo Unlimited question

Does anyone have experience with or know about the upgrades that Stereo Unlimited (W.C. CA.) performs on Magnepan speakers. Specifically, super tweeter add-on, upgraded wires and input conditioners. I listened to a pair but I don't have the experience to make a comparison. Just thought I'd check with the forum, Thanks!
Let me qualify this answer by stating that I know nothing about their proposed upgrade.
Having said that, beware of any upgrades by any source other than the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Better yet, ask Magnepan about the nature of the upgrade and get their take. If you're serious about this get a full description with proposed parts and methodology for the upgrade, then contact Wendell Diller at Magnepan and present him with the information and get his take on the plan and parts. Wendell is a great guy who has been around forever, is knowledgeable and helpful. He should be your first option to find out if the upgrade will help and if it's safe, and won't create problems down the road.
There probably isn't a manufacturer who, if given the budget, couldn't 'improve' their product with more expensive parts. At the moment of design, the mfg is thinking cost/benefit/retail/salability/end user/market placement. If you asked them the simple question, if I could spend $100 more on parts, could I improve this piece, almost universally, they'd answer yes.
I'll never forget, years ago, when Adcom's 555 Amp hit the street, and was virtually an instant success (after cosmetic upgrades). Of course the "we can make it better" upgrades surfaced. Customers would ask me, "Do you think it'll be better?"
I said, "Of course. But then, if you gave Adcom another $500. to work with, they too could have made this $599. Amp better too.
I am NOT condemning upgrades in general, it's just that they have to be viewed in the context of the questions mentioned for Wendell, above.
Let us know what he says.