Magnepan MMG's with Rega Mira??

I have a Rega Mira integrated amp, which is rated at 60 Wpc @ 8 ohms and 90 Wpc @ 4 ohms, and I was wondering if that's enough to drive the Magnepan MMG's. The Magnepan website says that recommended power for the MMG's is 40-150 Wpc, but I've heard that the Maggies require LOTS of power and it has low impedance, 4 ohms. Does anyone have personal experiences of driving the MMG's with around 60 Wpc?? - Sampsa
I feel that it won't be enough power, unless you never listen to anything but small scale chamber type stuff, and your listening room is small. My MMG's can take the full output of my 500 watt/channel/4 ohms amplifier, and are satisfying with all types of music with it. Good luck.
My listening room is small, but I do like to listen to very dynamic and large scale symphonies. However, I've heard others drive the MMG's with about the same power as the Mira is capable of, but I don't know what kind of music they listen to. How much more power do the more dynamic pieces require compared to chamber music? -Sampsa
Quite a bit more, especially if you don't want to hear the awful strain that goes along with an underpowered amp, with orchestral crescendos, etc. It just makes the sound very fatigueing. I've noticed with the MMG's, that they don't "come alive" with dynamic contrasts much at all, until they get quite loud. Definitely not as well as a cone speaker, and especially not like an electrostatic. But as the volume goes up, mine sound better (to me) than some full range electrostatics I've heard (that were about 6 times the surface area!!). For a very big room, I still need cone speakers (mine are Paragon Acoustics Radiants, right now). Occasionally, I combine either system, in either room, with the Sunfire Sub Pro (same as MkII), with superb results. Lately I've gotten bogged down auditioning power cords, and can't have the sub in use (especially when trying to figure out the signature of the power amp's cord, etc.). OH YEAH, you do need to have at least 6 ft between you and each speaker, or else they'll never sound dynamic enough (and not just in the bass, but the whole range). Ideally, you might consider some ASC Frecoes to go behind the MMG's, and even get more traps too. Makes the bass so smooth and tight, you won't believe it. My small room is only 10 x 12 x 8. It takes maybe 400 watts peak (per channel) to get listening levels a little over 100 dB peak, at a distance of about 6.5 feet from each speaker. With deep bass dynamics in symphony music, this can easily go higher than that. They do lose a tad of control at that level (partly my amp's fault, but not mostly), and certainly aren't designed to go that they say, "your mileage may vary"...But for $500/pair, I'd bet my life there is no better speaker value, for average to small rooms anyway.
I am going to try the MMG's with a similar powered amp (75w) in a HT/2ch system. I have read many positive comments on using lower powered amps on the MMG but upgrading to more power is probably the way to go. I guess that is the beauty of the 60 day trial from Magnepan. I need to know if the MMG's or the 1.6QR's will affect my television that must sit between them. I have a very sensitive set (Wega Tube) that I don't want to ruin. Good luck and check out the 100+ reviews of the MMG at