Maggies to Tekton?

Hey Audiogon-ers.  I've only posted a few times, as I mostly enjoy reading the threads and comments.  I've been a 20+ year Maggie owner, and I currently have the 1.7s in my "new" (post divorce) house.  I'm a big Maggie fan, but lately I've been craving something different...something with oomph and excitement - a dynamic speaker that will get my mojo going on jazz and modern rock.  The Tekton line-up piques my interest, especially the affordable models - Mini Lore  and Lore Ref.  I mean, damn, for under a grand I can take the plunge.  Plus, they have a  60 day return policy!  My amp is the McIntosh MA 252, and I have a Sony HAP player for digital and Music Hall 'table for LPs. My questions:  For the extra money, is the Tekton Lore Reference the way to go?  Is there another affordable, high efficiency brand that I should consider?  Is there anyone out there who has gone from Maggie to another (dynamic) brand and hasn't regretted the move?  Thanks! 

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If you want low and dynamic, would never mate a Mcintosh to a Maggie.  I would look at an older Classe amp. I currently run CAM350's with my 20.1"s. I know you're saying those are much bigger than the 1.7's. Prior to the 20.1's I had the MGIIIa's, those things sounded like they would bring down the house with those Classe CAM350's. I would look for something around 400 watts per channel @ 4ohms... I was looking to change things up, just added a set of Acoustat Spectra 33"s with the TNT200 Amps that I'm going to have Roy Esposito rebuild... Once you go Flat, you never go back...(Panels)