Macintosh for Sophia 1?

I have heard that the MC501's are great with the Wilson Sophia's.

My room is not that large (it's actually a home theater) and I'm not sure I really need "that" much power. Are there any smaller brother version's of Macintosh amps that mate superbly with the Sophias?
the 352/402/602...all superb
I personally like the 402 as much as the 501s. And yes, McIntosh and Wilson make an awesome match - they have very complimentary strengths. There are a couple guys here who ended up with this combo after owning many others.

By the way, there is no "a" in McIntosh. As an aside, the computer company had to pay royalties for many years to the hifi company to be able to have the "a" in its name.

My friend used MC501's with his Sofia's and they sound great!
He had a MA6900 before and they sounded very good, but there is something special about the MC501's.

I now have a MA6900 at work and was using MC252's at home. I recently upgraded to MC501's and was surprised at how big a difference there was.