Hey folks-bought a Mac C200 preamp here several years ago and just now getting around to a turntable. Luv it BTW. As i'm retired now and funds are tight, i'm looking at the Rega P3. In a stereophile review article they were not happy with the MC stage as it is "hardwired to accept 10 ohms" and said it should have some resistors changed to accept a much higher resistanve. Being totally new to vinyl, i have no idea what this ohm thing is all about. Can anyone start me in the right direction? While i'm not intending to move deeply into vinyl perfection, i sure don't want to waste the quality available to me. TIA
The complaint about the MC stage being hardwired for ten ohms refers to a general audio principal that the input impedance should be 10x or greater in relation to the source impedance. Personally I would try it for myself and see.
I would also recommend looking up the forum thread on this site-"Who needs MC when we have MM" . A moving magnet cartridge can give excellent results and you wouldn't be using the MC phono input .
Or, do some research and if you want to have the input resistance changed on the Mac, find a reputable tech and have it changed. I would certainly give it a listen first though.