Lynx Studio Aurora 8 and Mac Mini vs Transporter

I am curious if anyone has used a Lynx Studio Aurora 8 as an external DAC and if so might have had the opportunity to compare it to the Transporter.

I recently read Fremer's article using the Virtual Vinyl software with a Lynx Studio card to rip vinyl and was interested by the comment about it besting the Alesis Masterlink, of which I currently use. As a result I am thinking maybe I should consider a Mac Mini with the Aurora to rip vinyl, but while I am at it... No reason to have a Mac and a Transporter on the same rack if the DAC functionality of the Lynx is up to par with the sound quality of the Transporter.

Any thoughts are appreciated...
I don't have an exact answer but I'm using a Mac Mini, RME Fireface 400, and a program called PURE VINYL. Not recording much but use it for real time digitizing/playback of vinyl although the program can do it; either the raw data and you do the RIAA EQ when you play it or you can record it with EQ applied which is needed if you are wanting to play the files with other software or burn CDs.

I like it a lot. A few considerations.

...Pure Vinyl can do the RIAA EQ in software eliminating the need for a phono stage.

...To eliminate the phono stage you need to make up for the lost gain which normally means a microphone preamp. The RME has a built in mic preamp but I don't believe the Lynx does so you would need an external mic preamp. Of course you could use your phono stage and not do the EQ in software. Pure Vinyl gives you that option.

...The RME sounds great and the Pure Vinyl people use a Lynx as their reference designating the RME as a lower level option so I assume the Lynx is a good choice. No idea how it compares to the transporter, never heard it.

...The RME has built in Firewire which is a great way to connct to the mini. That is a $500 option on the Lynx.

Thanks for the response. Your answer is another part of why I was asking. I have been in the market for a phono stage so am glad to hear at least one person uses the Pure Vinyl software for real time RIAA equalization.

If the DAC aspect of the Lynx is as good or better than the Transporter, I would remove my phono pre, Alesis Masterlink and the Transporter from the rack and replace it with the Lynx, Mac Mini and mic preamp.

I have an RME MultiFace 2, so maybe I'll give it a turn and compare it to the Transporter...

Actually, I did mean Pure Vinyl not Virtual Vinyl, my error...