Luxman PD-441 What tonearm and cartridge


Luxman PD-441 owners, what tonearm and cartridge are you running?

Just received a gorgeous unit, need suggestions on tonearm and cartridge. Price range is pretty open, but not wanting to spends thousands.

That is a very nice table, I had a couple of 300s [?], the belt drive with the vacuum hold down and they were quite good. The truth is there are not really any constraints on which arm and cartridge you use on this table, except that the length of the arm will fit your plinth. There are just too wide a range of possibilities to make a serious suggestion.
I own a Luxman PD-444 and I am currently using a Triplanar tonearm with a Lyra Kleos cartridge - this combination is very good and I would also recommend using Lyra's Skala cartridge with this tonearm as well - Lyra and Triplanar are are a great combination from a synergistic standpoint.