Lumin Streamer as Preamp

Hey all,

Has anyone used their Lumin streamer (any model) as a preamp?  Apparently, you can adjust the output settings to use it to directly feed an amplifier.  

In one had, I see the possible benefits of one less item in chain and the associated connections, etc.  On the other hand, it's unknown ground for me. 

Any experiences or thoughts would be appreciated. 

When I first purchased my Lumin, I ran it directly into my amp. 

Over time I realized that the Lumin sounded it's best when its volume level is set to 100 ( wide open ).

I sold my amp and purchased an integrated amp so that I could set the Lumin's volume to wide open.

I'm really happy with it that way.

Thanks.  I have mine into an integrated as well. I think I've read somewhere about it being best on the upper volume range.  Thanks