LPCM or Dolby Digital ?

Most concert DVD's have both of these streams on the DVD video side. Given a choice of the two formats, which one would you prefer ? and is the LPCM output taken out thru the S/PDIF interface or the 6.1 ch analog output ?

Thanks for any feedback!
For my taste there is no comparison. I much prefer LPCM to Dolby. I run it either direct from my DVD player or feed the digital signal to my DAC. It sounds so much more musical to me that I wont buy a DVD Music video unless it has PCM tracks.
Audioatitude -

Thanks. I have a question - when I use LPCM all the sound comes out of my center channel speaker and very little from the L/R. What gives ? I use digital out from my Cambridge Audio 540D.
LPCM on a DVD-V is two-channel only.
What does LPCM stand for? I have my universal player set to this mode and use a digital cable to my processor. The thought is I would like to use the dac from the processor. I thought you had to set it to this for digital output.
IIRC LPCM is an acronym for something like linear predictive code modulation, but I could be confusing things. It's been a long time. Someone will surely correct me if I'm wrong.


I retrospect, I think the P in LPCM may stand for pulse, not predictive as I wrote in my earlier post.

GR & DB -

I did some digging after I posted this question. Linear Pulse Code Modulation is a preferred format for music production because the sound data is NOT compressed like in DD.

GR - as long as your processor can decode 96 KHz /24 bit digital signal, you are in good shape. Otherwise it will be downsampled to 48/16.