Low gain power amp to match the Audio Note M6 pre

Friends, I am in trouble! Couple of days back I bought a pre-owned Audio Note M6 preamp which was going for a song. However I see that it has a lot of gain, 18db as per the specs. With my Naim Nait 5i used as power amp, I can never go beyond 7 o clock position. I also feel my Naim must be getting overloaded. I want to get a tube power amp which has low gain. I want to drive a pair of Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers.

My budget is around $3k (new or used). I do have some amps in mind, like the Sophia Electric 91-01, Audio Note P1SE, Decware TorII. However before even I can select an amp based on sonics I need to ensure they can match the high-gain of M6. Can any of the amplifier gurus here suggest which amps to consider in this case ? I need something with more than 8 watts for sure.