Lost Emails : check your spam folder

A while back I had problems with a deal because aol was sending some of my audiogon emails to my spam folder. Im no PC genius and it took me a couple of weeks before I happened to check the spam filter. About a month later I made a bid and never heard back from the seller. He emailed me a week later to tell me the same thing had happened, my emails went into his spam folder. A couple days ago I made an offer to an audiogon seller and have not heard back. I wonder if this is another case of a spam filter hiding emails?
Anyone else had this problem? Check your spam folders folks, you might be missing a deal!
I've had, and still have, this problem. If any expected correspondence is late in coming I check the SPAM filter.
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Its happened to me numerous times -Ive checked my junk email folder and it is not there=Very frustrating because buyers want an answer quickly -not a day after youve realized theyve emailed you...