Lost Emails : check your spam folder

A while back I had problems with a deal because aol was sending some of my audiogon emails to my spam folder. Im no PC genius and it took me a couple of weeks before I happened to check the spam filter. About a month later I made a bid and never heard back from the seller. He emailed me a week later to tell me the same thing had happened, my emails went into his spam folder. A couple days ago I made an offer to an audiogon seller and have not heard back. I wonder if this is another case of a spam filter hiding emails?
Anyone else had this problem? Check your spam folders folks, you might be missing a deal!
I've had, and still have, this problem. If any expected correspondence is late in coming I check the SPAM filter.
Check to be sure you haven't mistakenly added the Audiogon.com domain to your list of blocked senders. This will prevent any email originating from Audiogon from coming through. I did this by mistake once.
Its happened to me numerous times -Ive checked my junk email folder and it is not there=Very frustrating because buyers want an answer quickly -not a day after youve realized theyve emailed you...