Loricraft record cleaner

Category: Accessories

Just wanted to comment on what an incredible upgrade this represents.

I have quite a lot of old (had them for 20yrs+) records. They have, like all of us!, picked up the toils of time; in their case grime that can be washed off!

There are quite a lot of very good condition LP's on the market here in Europe. Best to consider that they will be dirty.

The question of a record cleaner has been at the back of mind for some time. Tried a VPI but felt I would not be able to cope with the noise it makes. I bit the bullet and went for a Loricraft PRC4 DL model.

As soon as I got the PRC4 I put some "very" (very very very) dirty records (noisy as well) to the test with some art du son cleaning liquid supplied by Loricraft.

Verdict : Simple, quick and not much noise. The bottle that contains the used liquid cleaner was really dirty; like dark muddy grey. I let them dry overnight fearing that maybe some humidity remained (can anybody give an opinon on that issue?).

Then to the Raven AC, Phantom with Lyra Skala driving Nagra, VAC and Magicos. The result in a nutshell "wow".

Put a Record Cleaner on your xmas list now!

Can the price be justified ? Probably not, like a lot of hifi equipment, only this one is a true keeper and does not need any fancy interconnects, isolation feet, or other tweaks to sound good!