Looking to Try a Passive Preamp

I am looking to try a passive preamp in a system using a Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC having an output impedance of 1.5K - 2K ohms  and a BEL 1001MK5 amplifier having an input impedance of 22K ohms. I am interested in this approach due to having a problem with EMI and RFI interference with my tube based active  preamp which may become a subject of another thread herein.

I own a Schiit Audio SYS passive. My concern is, given it's input impedance of 10K ohms and it's output impedance of 5K ohms may make it not the best fit. I understand that the input impedance of the SYS and Bel amp are added to give the total impedance that is 'seen' by the DAC, the combined 32K+ impedance due to SYS/amp/2pairs interconnects and that should be OK.  I am concerned about the output impedance of the SYS which to my limited understanding seems too high. Am I correct on any of this? 

If I am correct in my concern with the SYS I am interested in finding another passive pre having input/output impedance better suited to my system. Suggestions sought.

Thanks in advance for any help. Mike

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georgehifi nails it again. Bravo!