looking to buy a new Cartridge brinkmann 10.5

hello all!
Im about to get my new Bardo +10.5 brinkmann set. shortly.
it will replace a Michell Engineering GYRO DEC+TECHNO ARM

i'm using a ZYX R1000 AIRY 3 - S- SB for a while now, it had re tipped in sound smith a couple of years ago ,maybe longer. but it still play great and in overall i am satisfying with it -
but, hence the new turntable and arm i was thinking to make a change on the cartridge department also...(for fun lets call it) so...

i'm looking for an interesting ideas or suggestions.

budget around 2500-5000$ retail (only new!)
i'm using Luxman e-200 phono stage (sut on low 45 ohm - on high is 2.5 ohm)

all suggestions need to suit the brinkmann 10.5 arm of course (EM is 12gr)

thanks alot!!!
My recommendation would be to mount your original cartridge first to get an idea of what the new TT sounds with a cartridge you know well. That will give you a good feel for what you want out of an upgrade. fwiw I have heard the Zyx Airy and Omega in the same system and thought the Omega a substantive upgrade - much more musical and fluid, the Airy was quite grainy by comparison.
I am not familiar with these turntables, so I thought I could at least take a look at their website. Impressive and interesting, they make both belt-drive and direct-drive tables.
They recommend optional tube power supply, why not start there? You want your new table to perform its best.
And I agree with Dover's approach.
There are probably a few excellent and quite different cartridges that would work very well, you would just have to take your best guess depending on your preferences.
You could also ask Brinkmann for their opinion, they might be right.
Look forward to your posts about the sound you get out of your rig.
Thank you Dover!
I will mount my airy3 first to get an idea and break the brinkmann in before..
But was very excited to hear wgat some of the ppl in here will suggest. Guess no one want to "name drop"!?

Thanks again!