Looking for the best monitor or bookshelf $1k?

I've found a pair of speakers to hang on to for life. Daber Audio Monitor 2's. Where shall I begin,,,

The word AMAZING comes to mind. I had been warming them up for a couple of days, just pushing low volume current through them 24/7,getting them a little broken in and getting my new Rega stuff all good and warm (Rega Brio R and Rega Apollo R)

First cut: Adele's "Rolling in the the Deep". Soundstage was first thing i noticed, how the background vox were layered behind her lead Incredible!!!

Then the bass presence: obviously not thunderous but on that particular cut the depth and resonance is there while still being ultra-tight; palpable and fantastic. Hard to believe that kind of bass can come out of a monitor so small!

I've now changed to a small EL34 tube amp and they are even better. Amazing little speaker, and I see myself having them for life.

I believe this speaker is a world beater. They're obviously not for rockers, but they are precise, realistic beyond words, and incredibly articulate. I know of no speaker under $1k that can touch the Monitor 2, and very few under $2k. WOW WOW WOW!!!!"
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If they can make an Adele recording sound good they must be magic! (referring to sound quality, I like her music)
Sounds like they hide the flaws in the recording. The live blu-ray recording is very good but the cd is very strained. The better the system the more you notice. The cd is ok in the vehicle.

looking at the rest of the op's postings......All Daber.
If they can make an Adele recording sound good they must be magic! (referring to sound quality, I like her music)

Well put. I stopped reading the thread when I read the Adele reference as I can't listen to that album on my system. In the car? Sure. I like the music, but that is one crappy recording.
Ive had B&W, Joseph Audio, Proac, lots of different varities and these are the ones I like best thus far.
this thread is a joke! he thinks they are the best speakers ever created and says he will keep them for life, yet in another thread he is selling them! Poser!
That's why you never use the phrase "for life" which means until the next best model comes out.
Ray ray, did you ever think that maybe he passed away and it's actually his wife that is selling them?
I just read your other thread, Tim. Sounds like you're actually a decent guy. Ugh, I feel like a jacka..