looking for solution...maybe simple question???

I had a nice set up...and as we all do, thought it could be better.
I now own a set of Mirage M3 towers match to a Mirage s12 sub.
My problem as you might imagine is that the M3s are SO power hungry that I have to push my Sony MC-Receiver past 50% or better to achieve my desired home-theater listening level.
I have been looking at the sony1000 / onkyo models and integra.
I encountered a guy to day that offered me an Integra 7.8 B-stock unit (65W) model.
Would this solve all my problems with power to these M3s??? not having to worry about bi-wiring / heat / etc?

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Do bare in mind, when receiver makers rate their unit’s output you need to look carefully at just how it’s been rated.

I know of no rec which is going to outperform a likewise dedicated outboard amp, and that’s where I’d suggest you look to get more power, IF that’s all you want.

Onkyo rates their’s into six ohms driving only 2 ch. Integra is the higher water mark than Onkyo, yet usually supports lower outputs in terms of watts.

If you’re looking for functionality as well as a step up in power, normally the top two levels of nearly any receiver line is where to look. There are some which purport 200wpc, like Sherborne. Many of these power house rec’s also are pretty costly as they will give more bells and whistles in the bargain. Sometimes for as much as $3K - $4K new.

I’d say add an outboard amp personally, but the notes above are correct on where the vol knob rests in your rig. I set my own rec to an upper limit of 75% before buying external amplification. I’ve no idea where my vol is set to and it’s upper limit is still at that same 75%, which may or may not be effective now with external amps in place.

To prove my point, the last external amp I bought is rated at 150w @ 8, all ch driven. 10wpc more than my Onkyo, and the resultant sound is both more available, and better sounding. I choose to run it in 3 ch mode and up the ante on the power to about 200 wpc @ 8, and in 2ch it’s over 200 wpc into 8. It’s far better across the board than was the Onkyo’s amps!