Looking for opinions on Prima Luna Prologue 6 &7

Upgrading system components and am seeking info on these amps, and possible pairing suggestions for preamp.
I've been looking for some user comments as well as I could use the extra power and improvement over the bass in the PL5 which I have in combo with a PL3. I've read both the review of the 6 and the 7 in Absolute Sound and Stereophile. I tend to think the reviewer in Stereophile has it right, and that is that the PL3 has a little extra warmth in the bass which compliments the PL5 and shows up when the PL3 is matched with other amps (too much bass in the few I tried the PL3 with). The Stereophile reviewer is the only reviewer who has published this bit. I think I would not buy the 6 or 7 unless I heard it with the pre-amp I would be using if it were not the PL3. FWIW.
Hello, How long have you had the PL5? All the reviews that I've read love both the PL6 & 7. One review said that they liked the warmth of the midrange in the 6 with the EL34's, but that the 7 had a tad better range in the upper and lower ranges. I guess it may depend on the types of music that you listen to most often. What TT/ cartridge are you using currently? Thanks for your input, Steve
Hey there, Could you tell me what you did for a phono preamp? I know that Primaluna offers a phono card for the PL3 and was wondering if you went that route. Thanks again, Steve
Steve, I've had the PL3/5 combo for about 20 months. I listen mostly to small jazz groups, jazz vocalists, and classical, both orchestral, chamber and especially solo piano. I didn't go for the phono card in the PL3. I have an MC cartridge and I doubted that it would be a good fit. If I set up my phono again I'll get an outboard unit like the EAR 834P. I've set the PL3/5 combo up with a Raysonic 128 CDP and the combo has excellent synergy (with my speakers). Meets most audiophile requirements IME. Not too expensive. Errs a tad on the warm side of neutral.

However, as I indicated above, from my experience with the PL3 and 4 other amps, 1 ss and 3 tubed, I would not buy it (the PL3) w/o a PL amp unless I had an audition in my home with my stuff. The warning in the Stereophile review about impedence matching is right on. And, unless I was driving speakers with restricted bass I would not buy the PL5 with out the PL3. I tried 3 other preamps and the PL5 had 'no' bottom end. I still have not heard the PL6 or 7 and I find nothing in the reviews that make me want to buy them w/out hearing them first.

Don't misunderstand me, I really like the PL stuff (I also have a PL1) but I have some misgivings about buying the seperates on their individual merits.

Hope that helps a bit.
I just picked up a PL6 off of Audiogon to match with my PL3. My speakers are B&W 805ss. After buying the PL6 I have been doing a lot of reading and becoming confused as a result. I began having doubts about my BWs matching with the PLs. I called Upscale Audio this morning. And, they assured me that it would be a great combination. I was relieved and now am awaiting the arrival of the 6s tomorrow. Jnorth1178