Looking for Integrated Amp to power Hales Rev 3's

I have a pair of Hales Revelation 3's that I'm looking to mate with an integrated amp. I know separates are better, but space, $$ and little babies in the house are dictating this decision. The Hales require some power to reach their potential (sensitivity is 85 dB). I'd love to get the communities recommendation.

Have considered Krell 400, MF A3.5, Bryston and Plinius 8200, but need to balance the power to warmth as well, and am limited to buying a used one for around $1800 max.

Let me know your thoughts in this price range.

I've had a Sim I-5 with my Hales rev 3's twice now. I really like it. So well that a couple years after I sold the first I bought another. While I am currently using seperates I would not hesitate to go back to the sim again. I did try a Plinius (8100, 8150, or 8200) can't remember which, but I just didn't like it as well. The Plinius was too high extended or maybe lacked some mids. I also tried a Classe' CAP 151 at the same time as the second sim. I liked the sim better. I am currently using a Llano amp and an AES3 tubed pre. See my system under Woodman here on the gon. Good luck and happy listening.
congratulations...you have a world class reference speaker. mr. hales was brilliant. i would recomend something in the neighborhood of 100 watts into b ohms and 180 into 4 ohms. hales is not that fussy.any quality ss integrated will sound quite refined from top to bottom as is common with a 'great' loudspeaker design.
I am driving my Rev 2's with an Arcam Alpha 10P power amp with very satisfying results.. If you need an integrated the FMJ A22 or A32 should work fine (same power rating)unless you need head-bangin' concert-level performance in a huge room (The Arcam can actually handle that pretty well, too). You could find a used FMJ for well within your budget. Although rated at "only" 100WPC, these amps have plenty of current to drive these speakers very nicely.

If you need more power, a friend of mine who owns the Rev 3's drives his with a Proceed AMP 2 (separate power amp) and they ROCK! The only problem for you will be finding one used if you want to consider separates... -JZ