Looking for input on APATURE cables

Has anyone heard any of the Apature audio cables. In particular I was interested in the Legend speaker cable. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...Sagger
I had a pair of the Apature Signature Series 500 wires a couple of (ok, nine) years ago that I picked up, essentailly, as overstock scrap from a fella in CT (he had an odd length left over from the end of a spool and practically gave it to me for asking). Used'm for years and I never could find anyone to tell me anything about them--or who would even claim to have heard of the stuff. (And it doesn't even look like they make it any more). I finally switched to some Kimber wires on a whim, not really knowing what to expect. Well, no looking back--single best upgrade I have made. (Full disclosure, it was an upgrade from scrap wire I picked up for $24-never even knew retail-to a pair of wires retailing over $1k. Price don't necessarily mean value, but there was one hell of a corollary in this case). Anyway, that's my only exposure to Apature. I too would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on them.
Thanks Mezmo, but I think we are talking about two different companies. This Apature is a fairly new company out of FL. They manufacture a full range of interconnects & speaker wire for both audio & video. Some is pretty high end stuff...thus their Legend series.
Apature Legend. Well, I just moved my Bryston 7B amplifiers to my Aerial Acoustics speakers (four 10Ts and a CC5). Out with my Transparent 25' Bicable and in with - using my Bybee Ultra Quantum Speaker Filters and 6" biwire adapters, made by Jack Bybee, with Apature Legend speaker cabling that Jack had and NOrdost banana plugs. Along with replacing my 2M "Meitner" balanced interconnects with 25' "Meitner" balanced interconnects from Jack. WOWWWW! Like another veil lifted, sonically all around. Jack told me he feels Apature Legend is even better than NOrdost SPM for delivering an uncolored signal, and I believe it! Five thumbs up here!
I have Apature Accu-Flow speaker cables. Bought them a long time ago. They are OK, nothing great, but adequate. Better than Monster Cable. They are 12 gauge. They work really well on subwoofers. I currently use AudioQuest Midnight to my subwoofers, but they are not night and day better than the Apature in this application. Other than for low frequencies(which are MUCH less cable critical), you should probably look elsewhere. Kimber 4/8TC and AudioQuest's old line are REALLY cheap these days, and offer great sound. Just that people search out the new, hoping it will be better. So you can pick up the Kimber/AQ for good prices. If your speakers are bi-wirable, and the one set of posts go to the woofer only, the Apature would not be a bad way to go. Take the money saved, and buy the best speaker cable for the mids/HF that you hear.
Coming into this conversation a little late but I just came across Apature cable yesterday at a local dealer. The dealer told me that the guy that makes this cable is former military and ensures that every component of the cable (ie wire, interconnects, shielding, etc) are all military spec. Supposedly most of the higher end cables are silver and it is the same silver cables that is used at NASA. The dealer also told me that this guy offers very low prices as he figures we've already spent the money via taxes. I am going to buy a pair of the JJ series component video interconnects and may audition the speaker cable next.