Looking for an expert on Z-Cable products.

About a year ago I purchased used a set of three Z-Cable speaker wires. I am familiar with a few models in the line but these speaker cables, while indicating Z-Cable on the terminations, had no other identifying label. I am currently using a set of Passion 3/4 which are about half the size in diameter of the set I am trying to identify. There was a review of the Reference 1 cable on the 6Moons site and my cable is close in circumfrence to the size listed in that review. The speaker cables I have came as a set of three, probably used in a home theater setup, and are very long cables around 4-meters in length. If anyone has a thought about what model I might have I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say. Please don't refer me to the Clarity folks, they don't respond to my emails and probably don't have the product knowledge to be helpful. Thanks in advance, Richard
I am guessing that many will say that they are Zbest.....just a little audio humor.