Looking for a few suggestions on a used amp.

Hello everyone, I've recently purchased a Emotiva  XMC-1 Pre Amp, Paradigm S6's and the matching center (C5 v.3).  I currently own a Emotiva LPA-1 amp.  After getting my system set up, I feel that the LPA-1 isn't giving me the feed back and detail I want and might be lacking in power.   So, that being said, I'm looking for suggestions on what amp would push these speakers and give me the sound quality I'm looking for.  I'm a movie guy first and music second.  But as I get older, I'm leaning more towards music.   I'm currently looking at an older Aragon 4004 or 8008.  I've heard great things about these amps and I'm considering purchasing one or both.  I'm open to all suggestions, used or new.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.