Looking for a decent CD Recorder

Any ideas on a half way decent cd recorder so I can listen to my lps in the car?

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If one is still going to burn a CD-R, the quality of the burner is nearly irrelevant. The Tascam unit or the one in your computer will both be just fine. I burn CD-Rs for commercial reproduction with a Plextor drive in my computer which I then test scan (with special software) for quality and I've have never had a reject.

What IS important is what one uses for a blank CD-R. The CD-Rs one buys in a stationary store or a big-box store or wherever, are often junk or nearly so. It's hit of miss. Pros and replicators have for many years often used Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs. Taiyo Yuden was the Japanese company that originally developed the CD-R. They later merged with part of JVC, but now no longer make CD-Rs, although one can still find Taiyo-Yuden branded CD-Rs for sale. Lately, CMC Pro has apparently taken up production of Taiyo Yuden quality CD-Rs. In any case, they are still MUCH better than what one will ordinarily buy off the shelf in a store.