LocusDesign Axis or RidgeStreetAudio Alethias USB

Has anyone been able to directly compare these high end USB cables? I want to upgrade the cheap USB cable going from my Mac Mini to my Empirical Audio USB Freeway 2.

Jtwrace, thanks for the link, I had previously read through that thread. No one in that discussion had tried the Locus Axis, or compared it to the RSA Alethias. Can't find any online comparisons either.
Hey Heymikey.

Some of our clients have been down this road but I don't know if they are members here or post very often so I don't know if that will be much help. Maybe this if you're not aware: we have a 45 day return policy if any of our products - purchased new from RSAD - don't meet your expectations.

Thanks Robert, that's a big plus!
I own the Poiema USB cable and a buddy has the Alethias USB and we both have the Musicstream USB DAC from Ultra Fi and a Mac Mini . Both cables are great it is a super combo with the Ultra Fi DAC and Mac Mini , I have no need to look at other cables Robert's cables just let the music flow with a ease I never had with any other cables I no longer think about cables just enjoy the music. The Ultra Fi USB DAC is the finest DAC I have ever used again now I just play music and enjoy it a lot more. All the cables I use are Ridge Street Audio either Poiema or Alethias through out My system no need to look at other cables Robert is the Man. Marc
Marc, thanks for your recommendations, sounds like you've got a great combo going there. My Mac mini goes to my Empirical Audio Feeway 2 usb converter, which feeds my Wadia 860X CDP through it's digital input, utilizing it as a dac. It's then on to the Joule Electra LA-150 Mk2 tube preamp, the SimAudio W5 amp, and finally music emerges from the Merlin VSM-M speakers. I use Kimber Select 1030 ic's, Elrod EPS3 Sig power cords, and Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables. It sounds pretty damn good, so why do I keep looking to upgrade this & that? Wait, now I remember, it's a sickness.