Location of fuse in NAF amplifiers

Owners of New Audio Frontiers amplifiers - does anybody know where fuses are located (I have a Legend-II amplifier which has become dead without any reason). I suspect it is the fuse but I don't know whether I should remove the bottom cover or not.
Check the IEC inlet, they can be in a small drawerish type enclosure that appears to be a part of the IEC socket. Don't know about this specific unit, but worth checking.
In fact looking at a pic of the back of your integrated at their website, that's exactly where they appear to be...
right under the IEC use a little screwriver or your fingernail to pop that open and you'll find fuses there....
It really looks like a part of the IEC socket, and there is an inscription below ("slow blow fuse"), but I don't know how to get access to it!
It does look like it's part of it because it is..but it is like a little drawer, it will slide out, just carefully use a tiny flathead screwdriver or something like that....
I will wait for a friend who is a technician - I am afraid to damage the plastic surface - it looks so subtle and fragile.
Okay, better safe than sorry if you're unsure, but it really is quite easy...it slides right out, they are made to do just that...it's what the manufacturer would tell you to do...

We did it. Thank you for assistance, you gave me a clue!
Good for you, are those fuses blown?
Yes, teh fuse was blown.
Cool, congrats on your fix!