Linn Preamp choices.

I asked for advice in another thread regading Linn amplified choices. How about now asking the same questions about preamp.

There are Kairn, Wakonda and Majik two channel preamps.The Kairn is an excellent older chassis preamp. The Wakonda is nice but not equal to the Kairn. The new Majik Kontrol seems very highly regarded.

Also to consider the multichannel preamps. The Exotik, AV5103 and Unidisk SC are all multi channes preamps, some incuding the digital processing functions and the Unidisk is also a quality disk player.

So there are a lot of choices. Firstly I would like the 2 channel set up to sound great. The multichannel choices offer growth into multichannel music and movies but I don't want to sacrifice the 2 channel perforance.

So what to do, there are lots of choices. Does anyone have any feedback on the analog preamp quality (2 or multi ch) of these units?