linn passive to aktiv, confused

i recently changed my linn passive system (genki, kolektor, lk140, ninka, single wire) to aktiv (added an lk140). i hardly recognize my system it sounds so different. there is much less treble, more bass and it seems to resonate in the room more. the texture is perhaps a little more gritty, however also more detailed. the treble is more transparent, but also sounds receded to me.

i switched the boards on the back of the speakers; does the orientation of the lower (hidden) board matter? the treble says "reverse polarity" and i hooked up + and - marked on the speaker consistent with the amp.

these are all used components and should not require a "burn in" period, right? or do i just need to get used to it? the bottom line is the speakers are more impressive technically to my ear but possibly less musical. it still sounds incredible compared to anything else i have owned.

comments? thanks!


Linn has made many speakers that can go Aktiv (as they spell it). The answer to your question is best answered by someone that has the speakers you use. If you are using Keilidh's then shoot me an email and I'll give you my phone number. Otherwise, I'd suggest you more acurately describe what you have. Two amps or three? Tunebox or the crossovers in the amplifiers? Older speakers with outboard crossovers? Lastly, if they are used, did you consult with the seller? He should have walked you through this.
The Aktiv cards have level adjustments for the treble. The treble may be attenuated. The adjustment should be marked on the cards. It starts at 0 and goes up to +9 db. Hope this helps.
My Aktiv cards have nine dip switches at .5 db each for a total of 3 db. There are a number of differences between Aktiv configuration through the years. Please post what equipment you have and you'll get some good help. An additional thought is to take a closer look at your interconnects and speaker cables. It's easy to make a mistake there. If you have the mid/bass out of phase and the tweeters in phase it will sound as you describe.
thanks all.

i have 2 lk140's, one with a ninka treble card and one with a ninka bass card. the treble card has a potentiometer style external adjustment. these are wired into the ninkas with bi wire linn cable. the cards on the back of the ninkas are set to 'bi-amp aktiv' with treble and bass inputs, however i dont recall what orientation the lower (hidden) cards show. i will double check the wiring.

am i correct in assuming if the cards were bought used they dont need to be 'burned in'?

i should repeat that the speakers sound good, just really really different.

I think I remember hearing that there are different cards made for the same speaker. If one card went bad and the old style was no longer available you had to replace both cards. That is my suspicion. Please send an email to Linn tech support asking about this. I hope I'm wrong. While the speakers certainly sound different in Aktiv vs. Passive I doubt if you would have posted this if they sounded correct. Linn may take a day to answer but they will answer.
after getting more used to it, or maybe it has been burning in, but my system sounds great. my reaction might have been somewhat that i was really tuned in to that sound, which is extremely good. there is nothing subtle about the change from passive to aktiv!