Linn Mimik

I'm putting together an audio for TV system which consists of Linn Majik (33w) and either Tukans or KanIIs (have both and will depend how each works in the room and setup. I want to add a CDP and currently can get a used Mimik, Genki or Karik. Use will be limited to ocasional non-cable music choices (classical, jazz, vocals). My tendency would be the Mimik based on cost (the other two are about twice as much). There are comments about the internal processor on the Karik and the Numerik is not an option for me. Would appreciate your comments. Thanks Dave
I have a Mimik II. I had a Numerik hooked up to it and sold it since it made no difference. If the Mimik plays as good, go with it. No need to spend extra money for something that may or may not be any better. Good luck.