Linn Majik vs Wakonda.LK85

I currently have a Majik integrated driving a pair of KansII. I am considering upgrading the Majik and will replace the Kans with either Tukans or Katans. I was considering replacing the Majik with a Wakonda preamp and an Lk85 amp, but a friend of mine who is a big Linn follower though the Majik was better than that preamp/amp combination (although at lower power).

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts both on this issue or suggestions as to other upgrade considerations.
I guess if you were going to fully swap out your system like that, you should set it up so you can do a further upgrade to an aktive tukan system - which would be pair of tukans, the wakonda, two amps (either both L85s or one L140 and one L85) and aktiv stereo cards for them.

I wouldn't bother upgrading from the Majik I / KansII system unless you were intending to end up with an aktiv system like the one example I mentioned.
Dpitone's advice is good. What's your source?