Linn LP12 Question

I keep hearing that this table requires a trained dealer to set it up properly. I was just wondering: what do people who buy used LP12's on Audiogon do? Do they set it up themselves? Or pay a dealer to do it? How much does it cost to have a dealer do it?

Just curious...I hear so many different things about this table, but I've never heard one.
I acquired a Linn table a couple of years ago. I had heard the same thing about it. I found a couple of web sites with set up instructions that I printed off. To me, with the instructions and looking at the table with the bottom off supported by two blocks, it was quite easy to see how it all went together. It all depends if you are mechanically minded or not. I used to be a fitter welder and have rebuilt several cars. So I guess it depends upon if you are the DIY type.
Linns can be a bit finicky to set up. After all, they are finely tuned machines whose performance depends upon getting everything right. You need to have a set of instructions so you know what you are doing. However, if you know what to do, there is no reason why you cannot do it yourself.

One of the reasons why a dealer set-up is recommended is because the table has to be supported up in the air while adjustments are made. Linn dealers would have a special jig to hold the table up. However, if you are handy and can make something yourself like Bgpowell did, then go for it.
FWIW I take my Linn in or a tune up annually. It costs me 40-50 bucks. I have the Lingo, cirkus,trampolin upgrades with an Ittok LV II arm mounted with a Shelter 90X. A tune up is basically adjusting the suspension, arm, and checking the bearings, cartridge alignment, and belt. It takes about an hour. I have owned my table for approx 8 years and do this because I don't own a jig which costs over 200.00. I drive approx 40 minutes to my dealer. For me the bottom line is is outsatnding sound for 8758.2 hours per year.
Just like the previous posters, if you think you can do it and have a lot of patience to set-it up it could be fun and enjoyable. You just have to be into it to decide yourself if this is for you.

I purchased mine from ebay almost 2 years ago. It was an almost mint LP12/Vahalla/ Ittok LVII / Grado prestige gold/trampolin. I re-cap the Vahalla board (electrolytic caps only)
Regardless of what mixed reviews I read from Asylums and A-gon I went ahead and bought it. It came in a Linn double box and everything was in pieces with the exception of the Plinth/motor/ps assy.

I took my time putting it together. Be prepared to spend at least a day in assembly and set-up (for me anyway). Another half a day for tuning and alignment. I made myself an improvise jig (mod. Old sewing machine cabinet for $15). Bought some basic tools. My local dealer was asking $200 for set-up and tuning the table.
I found a lot of info on the net that encouraged me to set-it up myself. After 2 sessions of set-ups and fine tuning all I can say is "It was well worth the effort and time".
My analog gear sounds as good as my CD player if not better. "PRAT" was there. Bass was well pronounced & mids to die for.

I paired this with an AES PH-1 phono preamp which I built my self almost 5 years ago. The music is like "they are in front of you" kind of experience.

Just to share my experience with LP12/Vinyl prospect converts.