Linn Akurate spks, is Aktiv an improvement?

I have a pair of Akurate 242's that I just got earlier this year as part of a complete Linn system. They are bi-amped passively with two 2250 amps. They can be partially Aktiv on the two bass units to extend the bottom from 49hz to 40hz. I'm wondering if the improvement is subtle or dramatic. For what it costs for another amp & the cards, I would be halfway toward the Klimax preamp! Anyone has any experience with "going Aktiv"?
I have a fully active AV51 system, and ondoubtedly YES!

I do know about partially going active, Linn says that is OK or are you guessing??

When you switch their older speakers to active, the impedance each amp sees changes I beleive, and if this is the case, would cause you some serious problems with tonal balance. If you use the 2250's, you'll need some more, but it will sound great! Linn gear really is meant to be active, and truly shines in that form.
thanks for the input! of course my dealer says its better, but no way to compare. i appreciate the opinion from a financially-disinterested person who has been there.
they can definitely be run active on bottom & passive on top according to the maunal, the dealer, and linn. thanks.
I have a fully active AV51 system and the difference is truly startling from passive. I mean night and day difference. Have you considered trading or selling the two 2250's and getting two 5125's. Then you could drive each speaker fully active with a single 5125 and realize the full potential of the speakers.
I just passed my Akurate 242 in active mode with five chanels of chakra amp per speaker and it's juste... amazing ! I use to have Keltik in Active too, but this is something else ! Amazingly precise and sweet at the same time... details everywhere, beautyfull midrange and treeble and great rythme ! Everything is just there and there is music every time you play a record. Very, very nice speaker... Go active man if you didn't try it at once !