Line Singal Bootster

I've just started to convert my vinyl to digital using Furutech ADL GT40 ADC/DAC .
Using MacBook Pro as a computure hardware and VinylStudio as a software. I am not using built-in to Furutech ADL GT40 phone stage since I ouput line signal out of Bang and Olufsen 5005 turntable/master unit/amplifier. So I use ADL GT 40 only as an ADC/DAC.
This all works well. But if I would just able to boost a line signal coming out of Band and Olufsen amp. The input signal is pretty low. Barely gets above 30%. I have to boost s siganl level in software. But software boost while increasing a music volume boosts the noise/hum Furutech GT 40 generates. It would be ideal if I would be able to feed Furutech GT 40 converter with a strong signal from the beginning. I wonder if there are any "line signal boosters" available for a such application. Thanks in advance!
IIRC the Beogram 5000, 5005, and 5500 do NOT have an internal phono preamp, so that would be your problem. The 6500 was the first of this series where the preamp was absent from the Beomaster, and built into the turntable instead.
Sorry I wasn't clear. The output of Beogram 5005 turntable goes to Beomaster 5000 amplifier that does have a built-in phono stage. From that Beomaster 5000 I oupute LINE OUT to DAC/ADC Furutech GT 40. But the output signal that leaves Beomaster (once again not the Beogram turntable) is way too low. It can be easily doubled and it still will be in a safe zone.
An update. To boost amplifier's Line Out I've inserted an analog equalizer between the amplifier Line Out and ADC/DAC. Then I have raised each equalizer's slider up to +6 Db. It worked very well. The DAC is happy receiving a strong incoming analog signal!
Hi, sorry I misunderstood your original post. Glad you found a solution, but it stll seems odd to me that such a thing would be required, and there may be some side-effects to operating the EQ in such a manner. The Beomaster phono preamp gives a solid 40dB gain and should be able to drive most any consumer line-level input just on it's own.

I take it you're using the RCA "tape 2" outputs? Another possibility would be to remove the U-jumpers and use the "line out" . . . this is before the volume control as well. If this works better (and if you're using it as a receiver as well) you could use Y-cables to restore the jumper connection and still use the line-out. Or if you're not, there's always the preamp-out connection, which would then allow you to get some more gain by operating the volume control.
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