Lexicon MC-1/EAD TM 8 Signature/Anthem AVM20?

I can't decide between these three. I listen to music about 50% of the time so a good 2-channel performance is very important to me.
All three cost about the same now (MC-1 and TM8 used). I know Lexicon is the biggest name here but I am a little worried about it's age and future support.
Would love THX EX and DTS ES but this is not a deal breaker.
I currently have a pair of Krell-250As, McIntosh MAC-3 and Sonus Faber speakers.
Please help!
The MC1 has no inputs for SACD or DVDA and some feel music is not its strong point. EAD Ive heard god things about but have not studied the machine. The Anthem is worth a listen, but I strongly recommend The Integra Research RDC-7 . Awsome sound on both music and HT. and it has everything. Unless your speakers are not full range, go with the Integra.
What company make Integra research rdc-7? Thanks
Onkyo makes the Integra line.

If music is important to you I would not go with the MC-1. I have had the Lexicon MC-1, Meridian 561 and the Proceed AVP. The most musical of the 3 was the Proceed AVP but the Meridian was a close second. The meridian is an excellant all around performer though and really has some great movie and music software. For me it is a toss up between the 561 and AVP but you can't go wrong with either.

The Lexicon MC-1 is very grainy when listening to music but is great with home theater. The biggest fault however with the MC-1 is upgradability which is why they came out with the MC-12.

Good Luck
If I had to chose between the 3 you are considering, sonically, I'd take the EAD ever time!..for movies or music!
Others to consider, from my vast experience around all this stuff, would be Classe, Proceed, Krell, Aragon, etc! The unit's you just mentioned, especially for music, are not that special sonically really! Infact, for music, I would do the likes of a Classe SSP25/30 or higher, or a Proceed, PAV, Krell, or Aragon every time over any of what you mentioned sonically! Iv'e expience with all fo what you mentioned, and find these others supperior...agian, especially if you value music reproduction. Stil, digitally, these others are still better also. I doubt you'll get any better sonics for a pre/pro than something like the Proceed , Aragon's, or Classe's. Yes, the Krell is world class, but is expensive for the latest one with "dirrect analog inputs"!
Anyway, good luck
Thanks to all who responded - I really appreciate the inputs.

The MC-1 comments mirror what I have heard at demos but needed confirmation.

Now I am intrigued by the Integra RDC-7 and the Classe also.

Is it true I cannot use my sub with the Integra in analog by-pass mode?

Anymore recommendations still appreciated.

Lthkeepr is correct with his recommendations. The EAD is State-of-the ART!!!! It is expensive but worth it. Among his others I would go with the Aragon. Price vs. Performance it is unreal.
Hey, which Sonus Faber speakers are you using? I would submit to you, for reasonably affordable money, that you would get just stellar results with the likes of a Classe pre/pro, or used Krell HTS! Yes the Krell doesn't have analog direct inputs, but still sounds good from the digital in on 2 channel CD's none the less. For movie soniics in digital, it is unsurpassed! It's simple, well built, extremely clean and detailed sounding really. However, for features/sound performance, you can't miss with your gear matched with the Classe SSP25 or 30 or higher! Yes, build quility on these isn't as good as some, so you have to be a little careful with connections on the back and such. Otherwise, they've got great direct analog through-puts, fantastic sounding DAC's, nice usable features, and exude quility sound from any input or output!
I have recently used the Aragon and Acurus line stuff for double dubty HT/music systems, and they're great as well. Still, for the money, the Class SSP25 or Aragon Soundstage(used), are hard to beat for the money! Great stuff.
Thanks for the tips LthKeepr! The HTS was actually my first choice originally (sounds great) but the lack of 7.1 and analog inputs put me off a bit. The build quality is superb though.

I will audition the Classe SSP25 and the Integra (along with the EAD). Now I am thinking I will be better off spending a little less on a HT pre/pro and also getting a dedicated stereo pre-amp for music.

Does this sound realistic?

Btw, my speakers are Grand Pianos at the front, a solo in the middle, and Concertinos at the rear.

Thanks again.