Lendi: A Lending Library iOS App

    Hi everyone. I had a short thread going over in the cables category, but thought I'd start one here, too, as a thread to use to talk about Lendi.
    Lendi is a lending library iOS app that you can use to borrow audio gear. Right now, it has a little over $100K worth of gear that can be borrowed. I'm busy reaching out to manufacturers to acquire more gear, and am adding it in there as I get more commitments.
    Lendi is also a place where you can loan out the gear that you have that you're not using so others can experience it for themselves. You certainly don't have to become a "lender," but Lendi lets you do that if you feel so inclined.
     Lendi includes a system in which lenders and borrowers are held accountable to each other. It ensures that borrowers treat the gear they borrow as if it's their own, and incentivizes lenders to treat borrowers fairly. Gear that is shipped to and from borrowers is tracked inside the app so lender always know the status of their stuff. And if a borrower abuses the system, Lendi has a method to make the lender whole.
    Lendi can be downloaded from the App Store here: https://apple.co/2DFsYAu
    Right now, Lendi is only available on iOS, but I'm working on Android and Windows versions.
Hey guys. In the past 24 hours, three new items have been added to Lendi: An MIT Cables Vero headphone amplifier, a pair of Audeze EL-8 headphones, and a pair of Audeze LCD-XC headphones. You can borrow them up to 28 days, and the borrow period doesn't start until the products actually arrive at your house.
Now available to borrow from our lending library: the Oracle Audio Paris PH200 phono preamp!