Leagcy Focus 20 vs Small Watt Tube Amp

Anyone had experience or knowlege of how a 25-35 watt tuber might push the new 20 20's?
Thanks in advance,
I would guess the ans. would be in the spec.sheet of the speaker.i.e. for this wattage one would want 8ohms no major dip below 6 anywhere, and decent sensitivity such as 90/92.
Heard an Air Tight 25 watt/ch tube amp with the Focus speakers. I was surprised how well and how loud the sound was. Very impressive. That said, the Focus impedance drops to 2.7 ohms in the mid bass. This would indicate the necessity of an amp with the ability to crank out current in spite of the stated 94 dB sensitivity. If you listen to alot of rock or music at high volumes or have a large room to fill, I would steer away from low powered amps. Otherwise, listen to the amp/speaker combo in your room if possible and see what you think. That's the only reliable method. Enjoy listening.