Large PA schematic for awkward space

I am looking at fitting a PA into a venue, this is a virtual project and i was looking at using an L'Acoustics Kiva/Kudu hybrid but now i'm not so sure.
The dimensions of the hall are..
65ft/20m stage to back...32.8ft/10m of this is tiered seating
157.4ft/48m width at widest
33.8ft/10.3m height, floor to grid
The problem for sound being that this place is dome shaped and circular!!!
The Grid can fly 10 tonnes in 1 tonne points from the grid and 5x1 tonne (4by6inch) above the stage.
I think line array...any ideas?

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Horns, like every other venue of such size. Like the tiddy hippie said, you need to seek professional help to do it right.