Lafayette LR-1100 stereo receiver/T-2000 t'table

Can anyone tell me anything at all about these 2 items which I just inherited? (The receiver sounds GREAT.)When were they mfgr'd? What's inside--tubes, transistors? Is there a website w/ "Lafayette audio" info and history? Are these items of value, and if so, to whom? All help & info deeply appreciated.
Lafayette was an electronics store, sort of like a higher level Radio Shack. They had some stuff made for them, and also marketed some stuff that was re-branded equipment from other makers. The turntable is likely to be one of the popular units from back then, like a Dual, or Garrard, or Miracord, or something like that. No telling what the receiver is. I couldn't turn anything up on a web search.
I worked for Lafayette in the QC/repair department in a warehouse in Hauppauge, NY back in the 1974 era. The company HQ's was in Syosset, NY (both on LI). They been out of business for a very long time.
I had a Lafayette LR-500B receiver purchased in 1969. I took it to a MacIntosh amplifier clinic which were popular at the time. The unit checked out nicely. The Mac rep told me it was made by Pioneer.

My uncle had the turntable bought in the mid-seventies. It's still going strong, only needing a belt replacement.
I too had some Lafayette items way back when. In addition to the prior threads, you can do a search in, in the Vintage section. There is a lot on Lafayette.