Krell mcx power amp with tube preamp


I have a pair of Krell 350 mcx monos. According to Krell's specification, I need to remove some jumpers from the monos to allow capacitor coupling before I could match them with a tube preamp. Have anyone tried this before? How does this affect the sound? I know Krell believes in capacitor decoupling so I want to know if tube preamp and Krell power amp match or not.

Greatly appreciated for your opinions,
Hi Daiwai

Here is a thread I started regarding the exact same issue. If you care to read it.
Basically what I've discovered is - The culprit which must be avoided is DC (as in electrical current) leaking out of the pre amp back into the power amp. It really depends on the maker of the pre amp and the type of capacitors they use. I believe the newer Cary units are safe, the TAD-150 is safe also. I contacted the companies and asked if their units (specify which unit you are interested in) leaked DC.

hope this helps

Thanks Oldpet. I also received the instructions from Krell on how to remove the jumpers. I guess there is no way to find out if this alone will change the sound because the sound will change for sure because of using a tube preamp instead of a SS preamp. Oh well...

You can move the jumpers and try your ss pre to see if there is a change in sound. I just tried a tube pre and found that the bass is just not enough for me. I think i'll try one more tubed pre before i give up. Good luck with your search.