Krell KSA 150 for Vandy 3A Signatures?

Enough power, a good match? Need help and advice please. Thank you.
while my experience was not with the ksa150 I have used both the ksa100s and a fpb300 with Vandersteen 3a sigs.The sound was excellent with very good tonal balance. All krell amps are wonderfull sounding. as far as power forget about it. All krells are more than capable of driving any speaker on earth.
Should work fine. Krell and Levinson amps, from what I've heard work well. The krell should have the grunt the Vandersteen's require. A lot of people match these speakers with lesser electronics, which is a mistake. You will be rewarded for the better stuff.
I personally use a Theta Dreadnaught 4-ch in a biamp configuration with the 3A Sigs. This amp was highly recommended in the Audioperfectionist Journal. After living with the amp for several months, it is everything Hardesty says it was. He replaced a pair of Levinson 33H monoblocks with this amp. Now, that's saying something.
Krell ksa-150 power output is: 150/8 ohms 300/4 ohms 600/2ohms and 1200/1 ohm. Should be fine.
Thanks guys for the confirmation. I really appreciate the help and advice.