Krell KPS 28c vs SACD Standard

Which of these two CD Players is best with Redbook CDs? Also, will the Standard out-perform the KPS when playing SACDs? I own around 20 Hybrid-SACDs. I'll be running it balanced into Krell KAV separates. I'm leaning towards the Standard because it is a newer design (Intro. '03) and current model with the impressive chassis-in-chassis construction. The Standard sounds great to me, but I've never heard the KPS 28c, I believe that it went out-of-production back in '02. Any thoughts or personal at-home experience with these two awesome machines?
I've auditioned both in my all-Krell system. The KPS28C is superior for redbook playback with better dynamics and bass weight. Obviously, the two can't be compared on SACD, but since I am not an SACD collector, I would give the nod to the KPS28c. It also has CAST outputs which the SACD Standard does not. Also, the SACD standard has a slower, noisier disc drive.
I demoed both, and without a question, for Redbook the Kps-28c outperformed the SACD standard on Redbook cd's. In fact for redbook the SACD standard didn't sound much different than my Linn Genki. So what did I do? I bought the KPS-28c and had it in my system until I got into vinyl. Also, I bought my kps-28c new in 04 so I don't think they went out of production in 02.

Having said all of that I personally think there is a cd player out there that is better than both: LECTOR - CDP-7T TUBED CD PLAYER w - OUTBOARD POWER SUPPLY. This cd player produces the most analog, natural sound from a cd player that I have heard. Just my opinion.